International Communication Strategies with YouTube

Niklas Gisbert & Philipp Bensmann

Social media marketing is getting more and more important for companies that strive for international success. Similarly, marketing and communications highly rely on video content. With 60 hours of video content uploaded per minute and 4 billion clicks every single day, the 2005 founded platform YouTube – overtaken by Google in 2006 – is the most important online video channel in social media. Having grown its online streams by 25 % in the past eight months (, 16.05.2012), the video-sharing website and its user-generated video content has not only become very attractive to private users, but also to international corporations – serving as a significant marketing and communication channel.

Virals can get billions of clicks, so make the video worth watching.

The challenge for companies is to create videos with relevant content and ambitious promotion – often known as virals. Virals get millions, even billions of clicks and views within a short period of time, but the question is what makes this or that video a viral.

To gain clicks you need people to watch, share and spread the video in social media communities – pin it on Pinterest, watch it on YouTube, tweet it on Twitter, poste and like it on Facebook. However, as there is an information overload in the social web, you need to have serious, outstanding reasons to make the video worth watching. Moreover, you need to decide whether your viral video should be entertaining, then it will become popular more easily but possibly earn less revenue, or useful, so that specific customers will watch it and rather tend to buy products. (, 16.05.2012)

Emotions, fun, drama and incredible stuff are just a few keys to success.

One reason why people share and like videos is because they are hilarious and break from the seriousness of daily grind – a natural mood elevator so to speak. Additionally, watching amazing, incredible moving picture stories lead stunning viewers to share it with friends to get a similar reaction. Deeply emotional, both negative and positive, drama filled content connects people over the experience while uncommon topics tend to be very provocative because they are not part of mainstream media. (, 16.05.2012) Always keep in mind the specific socio-cultural characteristics of your target group, be it different generations, cultures or religious believes.

“Storytelling is not just for campfires.” Create a good story for your video.

So, as we know what people are interested in and attracted to, successful marketing and communication needs to wrap its stories in a deliberate way. A good story is authentic so that people actually believe what you are talking about. It has compelling, creative content connecting both emotionally and personally between the customer and the brand. It inspires to action and takes the audience on a journey with the brand. In order to master the art of crafting a story, companies need to keep listening to people, think ahead and communicate in a very inspiring personal and authentic way. Good stories compel people to change on four different levels. Demanding an emotional investment, good stories touch the viewer’s feelings and by piquing and holding interest, they make you think in a certain way. As good stories bring energy to the message, they change the way we behave and drive to action. (, 16.05.2012)

Promote exceptional content initially and an increase in revenue is possible.

Enabled to increase revenue simply and cost-effectively, video content marketing highly demands on initial promotion and presence in social media in order to first connect with influencers, early birds and other people of authority, before contacting the broad mass.

If you want to go viral, you need to have an attention grabbing title and a general topic that has to be centered around one key point and relates to the potential viewers. Set effective tags and use SEM – but remember: SEM on YouTube is different to Google. Another advice is to stick to your company’s corporate identity and to establish a homogeneous overall concept for a corporate YouTube channel. (, 16.05.2012)

To sum up, compelling, relevant content in combination with the right initial promotion activities are key factors to create big virals and accordingly, execute a successful communication strategy with YouTube.


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